Changing things
one Mandy Green
at a time

Please ask me how to make history.
Mandy Green, how can I make history?
Whistle after a sneeze.

How will that make history?
It adds a third option to "Bless you" and "Gesundheit."

My one whistle?
Along with millions of others.

What millions of others?

The Gazoon High Twizzle is spreading fast.

"Gazoon High Twizzle?"

The name for a whistle after a sneeze.

It's a mondegreen of "Gesundheit Whistle."

Isn't "Gazoon High Twizzle?" a long name?
So use "Twizzle." You Twizzled ... That was a Twizzle.

Isn't it stupid?
It's fun.

Isn't it obnoxious?
Use another response when appropriate.

How is it spreading?
Particularly through Twitter.

Since when?
March 1, 2009

Who's tweeted about it?
Current list:
GazoonHigh (me)
cokeekers (my first co-tweeter!)

Who else?
More will join.

Others who like huge, fun goals.

Such as?
I'm tweeting Praise Teams in particular.

Praise Teams?
People who lead groups with uplifting music.

Why them?
They have big spirits and big smiles.

What do you want them to do?
Have fun Twizzling.

Whenever appropriate.

That's it?
That's it.

How will that help?
If it's fun, other people will do it.

Millions of others?
One person and one Twizzle at a time.

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