Changing things
one Mandy Green
at a time

This is just flaky enough to work.

Anyone is welcome at, but particularly anyone named Mandy Green. Same for you, Mandi Green, Amanda Green, Monty Green or Monte Green. Last name Greene is just fine.

The Mandy Green Project is flaky and convoluted. In other words, the perfect way to reach these goals:

  1. A new bit of etiquette: whistle after a sneeze
  2. A new household word: mondegreen
  3. $10,000 for this library

The key is this debut novel by (you guessed it) Mandy Green. Read it, and you'll understand about the etiquette and the word. Comment on the novel on this Facebook page, and you'll help spread the news. Comments from anyone named Mandy Green are especially helpful.

As for the $10,000, here's the deal:

This library is working toward replacing a 40-year-old building that's seen better days.  All profit from the novel goes to the library as follows. It's a snap to change the novel's price, so depending on the day that you buy, the profit per book to the library is:

Sunday-Friday: $5
Saturday: $100
(Money-saving tip when ordering: Choose "Media Mail" shipping at the final checkout step.)

To skip all the flaky fun, donate directly online.

Please visit the Facebook page to see updates such as all comments from anyone named Mandy Green and how often the novel is bought on a Saturday! Thanks!

Mandy Green

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